TKG About Us

Strategy crafting and execution




Strategies are not crafted overnight because they are difficult to envision, document and execute. For this reason, we have developed an approach to help senior management teams define a strategic vision that is in line with organisational values and that is able to adapt and change as markets move, while also taking into account any internal organisational adjustments that may be required. Our approach is rigorous, facilitative and analytical, aiming at exploring and assessing strategic and innovative options that can be implemented flawlessly.


Strategy formulation is not the end of the road for TKG. We continue to work with our partners to help them develop the action plan, monitor execution and review the strategy in light of changes to their industry and customer trends.


Key benefits:

  • Define strategic vision in accordance with organisational values
  • Adapt more readily to change as markets move
  • Long-term work to help develop action plan and monitor execution of strategy