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Public Speaking Coaching




Public speaking is the most common challenge that faces professionals and can significantly drain their energy and time. For the many who do not enjoy doing it, it can be a problem that could cost them the opportunity to take centre stage and to develop their profile and potential.


This public speaking fear can be a serious threat to their quality of life. Some, for example, are fully capable of delivering a great speech or presentation, but find the experience of waiting for their speaking engagement truly nerve-wracking. This uncomfortable waiting time can be minutes, hours, even days in some cases. For others, the fear of public speaking can lead to individuals actively avoiding all speaking responsibilities, which can have serious consequences in terms of career growth.


It is therefore essential for many professionals to overcome their fear of public speaking immediately. There really is no need to live with it, as it is the easiest fear to get rid of. TKG’s experienced coaches bring a combination of business and behavioural knowledge, and can support individuals to expand their public speaking abilities and confidence.


Key benefits:

  • Gain confidence in delivering effective speeches and presentations
  • Help recognise and attend to fear of public speaking to improve performance
  • Highly experienced and supportive coaches with combination of business and behavioural knowledge