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Performance Coaching




Being a successful manager is hard work. When you are charged with executing organisational strategy while being challenged to do more with less, it is impossible to achieve results on your own. The most successful managers are the ones that rely on their team members to play their part as well. In today’s competitive business environment, it is not enough to have everyone focused on the right targets. Successful managers know they must realise the passion, unique capabilities, energy and commitment of every member of their team. This requires everyone to be fully engaged in their work.


The most successful managers have one thing in common: they are all great coaches. They have discovered that coaching people – helping people to succeed – is a more effective way for them to achieve their own success, and a more rewarding way to manage others.


Whether it is our own coaches, or we are training an organisation’s managers, The Knowledge Group’s (TKG) approach is a systematic and ongoing process of feedback, analysis, planning and action. This enables us or the managers to establish and strengthen coaching relationships. It takes the mystery out of determining individual coaching preferences by engaging employees in the coaching relationship. As a result, managers are more confident, comfortable and competent in doing what they should be doing more of: coaching – not directing – their team.


Key benefits:

  • Systematic coaching process with ongoing feedback, analysis, planning and action
  • Managers can focus on coaching staff, rather than directing their actions
  • Focus is on custom-building coaching relationships for much greater impact