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Organisation Design




One of the most difficult challenges all top teams face is how to get their Organisation Design right. Most people tend to adopt a top-down approach to solving problems, and this is reflected in traditional functional designs for organisations. Although these traditional solutions can apparently function for years, in reality they may become increasingly less competitive in the market, while the decision-making and control may not be the best model.


When organisations start to perform less well, top teams typically focus on the problems and the symptoms rather than the disease. They often import extra expertise and resources to deal with critical issues, rather than ask themselves the simple question – is our organisation design right for us?


Poor process flow and decision-making come from process designs that have become unnecessarily complicated over time. TKG’s experts can examine your core processes and help you make decisions about the structures that will help you manage those processes better.


Key benefits:

  • Expert examination of core processes to help optimal management
  • Identify areas of poor process flow and decision-making
  • Identify most suitable organisation design to make greatest impact in your market