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Onboarding Programmes




Organisations spend a great deal of time and money to bring new employees onboard. Even greater investment is required during orientation, training and integration of any new hire, and often these orientation programmes can fall short of what employees really need. Research has demonstrated that investing in onboarding produces stronger work relationships, dramatic reductions in turnover of new hires, and employees getting ‘up to speed’ much faster.


Bespoke Onboarding and Coaching Programme


The Knowledge Group’s (TKG) bespoke onboarding and coaching programme goes beyond the basics to integrate information, build relationships, and provide training for the duration of the employee’s first few months. This 3-month coaching programme supports the new employee through this critical phase of the employment relationship to cement the new hire’s sense of belonging and commitment to the organisation and its people.


Key benefits:

  • Unique support for new employees throughout their first crucial months with organisation
  • Focused on relationship building, training, and crucial information