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Family Business Advisory




Family businesses are a critically important type of business that face a range of challenges at each stage of development. If the business is young, it suffers from the same problems that all small businesses can face – a lack of expertise, funding and resources. It is tough managing such a business, and it doesn’t get easier as the company grows. At some point, there will be an inevitable need to acquire more expertise from outside, or to deal with the shift in power when a founder member gives up their control. How does a successful family business make the shift from a small entity to a market-leading international company that can compete with the best? Many business schools fail to pay attention to these important issues.


TKG’s experts have considerable experience dealing with family-owned businesses and, in particular, with helping to undergo major change. Sometimes that help is in the form of executive coaching for the CEO to help let go of the business, or it may be to use our interim management and consulting capability to provide additional support to fuel their growth; whatever your issues, come and talk to us about how we can help.


Key benefits:

  • Experienced advisors who can help family business undergo major change
  • Additional consulting and coaching support to help fuel growth when family business shifts to being a market-leading company
  • Expert support at all stages of running a family business in any sector