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Career Coaching




Career development is a top engagement driver, yet is also often one of the lowest scoring items on many engagement surveys. In many organisations, it is the primary reason employees give for leaving - particularly in industries where competition for talent is fiercest. Most managers recognise and understand this, yet struggle with career coaching because of a number of misconceptions around the needs of their team members. The Knowledge Group’s (TKG) Career Coaching solutions will equip managers to have purposeful career conversations that benefit the organisation as much as they benefit the individual being coached.


Half of employees will look for interesting or meaningful work in their next job. This means they are not seeking a promotion or larger financial rewards, simply work that ‘works’ for them. Although most employees understand that they need to own their career, it is up to each organisation to be clear on its business strategy and needs for talent. It is then for managers to help employees realistically align their aspirations with the organisation’s goals.


Managers are the critical link in helping each individual understand what he or she does well, and adapting this to what the business needs.


Key benefits:

  • Gain a new perspective on career development and the manager’s role in it
  • Learn three essentials for creating coaching partnerships
  • Focus on strategies for supporting a wide variety of employee career development goals
  • Insight into steps for preparation and participation in career coaching conversations


TKG can also provide expert career counselling solutions to equip students, graduates, and other young people with the insights and understanding they need to make informed career choices. We apply the same expertise gained supporting major organisations around the region, and help young people to understand more about the value of effective career conversations.