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Advisory board




Working at board level usually involves a huge workload, and there is rarely time to explore issues in depth. At this level, the number of people within the organisation to whom you can talk openly dramatically falls – the issues are often just too sensitive. Who can you talk to that can help you reflect on key questions about future direction, the shape of your organisation, your leadership and how it translates into everyday action? How do you explore how you could lead more effectively?


TKG’s top coaches are able to work with senior executives on a totally confidential basis to address their real concerns and issues. They can focus on goals and outcomes to ensure there is a direct impact on the performance of both the individual and the organisation as a whole. Our executive coaches are experienced in working with a wide range of business issues and industries, as well as helping individuals improve their effectiveness.


Key benefits:

  • Confidential forum for senior executives to address concerns and issues
  • Experienced coaches with wide ranging industry experience
  • Reflect on key questions about senior leadership and their impact on your organisation