TKG About Us

About TKG

The Knowledge Group (TKG) is the Middle East and North Africa’s leading provider of organisational and workforce development solutions. Serving clients in the public and private sector, we apply our unique experience and expertise to create bespoke, dynamic solutions to meet our client’s specific development requirements.


Through our comprehensive solutions in Training & Development, Consulting, Coaching, Outsourcing, Events & Conferences, and Research, we deliver real and sustainable results that continually exceed the expectations of the individuals and organisations we work alongside.


We have a highly-skilled faculty and staff of more than 200 individuals, and have also partnered with a select group of international education and consulting companies – allowing us to bring the world’s most cutting-edge individual and organisational development techniques to the region. In addition, we have more than 400 global associates offering highly-specialised expertise, allowing us to draw on a vast knowledge base wherever we operate to deliver highly professional solutions for our clients.


We achieve this success by operating with a constant focus on our underlying values:



We want to be the best at what we do. We believe that we only achieve excellence through exceeding our clients’ expectations and maintaining the highest professional standards at all time.



Our clients won’t remain static and we don’t either. We stay at the cutting edge of our business by always thinking creatively and questioning our own assumptions.



Trust and relationships are key drivers of success. We aim to strengthen our clients’ capabilities through close understanding of their needs. We also seek to partner with the world’s best knowledge providers to continually expand our own knowledge resources.



Close collaboration only works with transparency. We believe that openness and honesty are fundamental to an effective working relationship with all of our stakeholders.



Knowledge helps people develop and grow. We want to be a world-class centre of knowledge and a key driver of future growth in the region.

Our Mission

  • To rapidly grow the sustainable provision of knowledge and skills for individuals, businesses and governments
  • To provide every client with customised and high-quality education necessary to achieve their aims and exceed their expectations
  • To build a world-class network of partners in relationships that add mutual value and that advance a shared vision of regional development


Our Vision

To be the leading provider of education and training solutions in all of our core areas, and to be known for our sustainable contribution to the social and economic development of the region