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19 Mar 2016

Senior executives discuss and debate leadership concepts at TKG’s next Knowledge Seminar 2016, focused on BlessingWhite’s “Leader in 2025”



The Knowledge Group’s (TKG) flagship series of thought-leader presentations and discussions continued last week with an interactive workshop on “The Leader in 2025”, an in-depth focus on some of the critical mega-trends that are set to affect the future working world.


The presentation, part of TKG’s complimentary Knowledge Seminars 2016 programme, was led by TKG Executive Development Director Michael Castle and attended by around 20 senior executives from across the UAE. The “Leader in 2025” course was developed by BlessingWhite, a part of international leadership training company GP Strategies. It is based on the work and bestselling book of Jeanne Meister, and reviews some of the most substantial workplace trends through case studies, real-world scenarios and an identification of key activities that can be undertaken immediately to prepare for the future.


Attendees engaged in an interactive session that challenged them to consider the potential effect of different factors – including multiple generations of employees in the workplace, social media as a leadership tool, and globalisation and the global mind-set. These trends were explored in-depth, with a central focus on how they will impact on individual approaches to leadership, and what it might mean for the next generation of managers and leaders.


“Our partner BlessingWhite’s “Leader in 2025” workshop is internationally-renowned, and it has been very exciting for TKG to deliver a sample of it to executives in the region. In common with the rest of our Knowledge Seminars programme, we have seen great interest in this topic from UAE professionals, demonstrating the very broad organisational interest in understanding how changing workplace dynamics will impact on leadership,” said Dr. Ahmad Badr, Chief Executive Officer at TKG.


Michael Castle explained the concept: “We have looked today at some of the key challenges leaders may face in the future. One of the key questions for us is ‘are we developing leadership in the right way?’. Are we, for example, fully aware of how the forces of globalisation might be affecting our own businesses? This is important, because the pace of change – whether you are talking about technology, demographics or core values – has never been greater.”


The Knowledge Seminars 2016 continue to play host to a series of engaging speakers and industry leaders from around the world, bringing unique perspectives and expertise on areas of critical importance to the region. The complimentary programme is aimed at senior professionals and will tackle a range of organisational issues and business topics. Attendees will be able to engage in discussion through an open-forum format, as well as being able to network with a select group of regional experts.